Don’t Let Your Guard Down, When it Comes to Gas Savings

fuelBy Andrew Johnson
GreenPath Communications

While gas prices continue to drop in many parts of the United States, there are still ways to save, and keep more money in your pocket, when you fill up.


Gas apps. Here are five gas apps to consider. (While this is from late 2014, the apps are still current. Some are free, some a one-time or annual subscription.)

Drive to save! Remember, think how much driving you might have to do to save that dime per gallon. Is it worth saving $1.50 per tank, if you have to drive 30 miles to get the savings?
Cash is king! Cash versus credit is still a good savings, at sometimes a dime per gallon. Give the credit card a break and consider using cash for gasoline. You’ll have less on the monthly bill and get some savings at the same time.

Store fuel points. Consider fuel points savings through your local grocery store. Kroger and Meijers have programs, where points translate into money off per gallon. In some instances, $1 off per gallon with a 30-gallon maximum fill-up.

Store-branded credit cards. The same grocery chains often offer store-branded credit cards, which can add even more savings, when you use their credit card to fill up at their store gas station.

Maintenance. I can’t say enough about making sure your tires are properly inflated. Keep an air gauge and a roll of quarters in your car. Once a month, when gassing up, take a few minutes and use the air machine. It can help improve fuel mileage and reduce wear on your tires. (Also, keep your tire valve caps on to prevent leakage, and make sure you don’t carry around any unnceccesary weight in the trunk!)

Gas station scam. Here’s a reminder about a recent scam that simply had thieves switching gas hoses, from one side to the other, to steal gas. Always look up at the hoses, when fueling up!

So, a little maintenance and homework, can keep you saving and on the road to inexpensive gas!

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