Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014 – From Tackling Your Debt to Building your Credit

Andrew_Johnson_communications_greenpathBy Andrew Johnson
GreenPath Communications Manager

Time to take a look back at our top 5 blog posts of 2014 from our “Write on the Money” blog page. It was a busy year, from discussing ways to tame credit card debt to what to do in the aftermath of the Target data security breach.

It’s no big surprise that the number one viewed blog post was ways to get out of debt in the New Year. Traditionally, searches for topics like saving more money or getting a handle on credit card debt, has many people flocking to personal finance websites, as part of New Year’s resolutions.


1. Tackle Your Debt in 2014 – Seven Quick Tips (January 2, 2014) – It’s almost spring time and after a harsh winter in most of the United States, you may be thinking about repairs or remodeling your home or planning that vacation getaway. This time of year, we still see a surge in calls from people worried about their past holiday bills. Once the excitement of the holidays has passed, they realize they need to get serious about paying off their debt.

2. Now is the Time to Start Planning for the Holidays (Aug. 6, 2014) – Determine the amount of money you can spend. Whether you are planning to go ahead and begin shopping now or want to open a holiday saving account, you will need to decide upon the funds available for use. Plan to pay for all purchases, or put money away, with cash on hand. Avoid charging unless you can pay the balance due in 90 days or less.

3. Eight Ways to Help Build Your Credit (March 24, 2014) – Credit is a very important tool to have in your personal finance arsenal. When used wisely, it can help save you money, reduce interest rates on loans and more. We recently compiled some do’s and don’ts, when it comes to helping build your credit.

4 . Personal Finance Fireworks To Avoid this July 4th (June 27, 2014) – As summer gets underway and we have the July 4th holiday in our sights, we feel it’s an appropriate time to discuss some potentially dangerous personal finance fireworks you might encounter this time of year. Debt-hiding smoke bombs, bad-habit sparklers, balance-jumping bottle rockets and fast-spending firecrackers are just a few of the fireworks you might come across this Independence Day holiday.

5. Target Security Breach – What to Do If You are an Identity Theft Victim (Jan. 10, 2014) – As the Target security data breach grows to more than 110 million credit card accounts, GreenPath has listed some tips on what to do if you become a victim of identity theft:

GreenPath had more than 55,500 views on its “Write on the Money” blog page in 2014.

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