Client Feedback – “You weren’t just the bomb. You were two bombs with stars”

Jane McNamara - President and CEO, GreenPath Debt Solutions

Jane McNamara – President and CEO, GreenPath Debt Solutions

By Jane E. McNamara
GreenPath President and CEO

This post strays from providing traditional personal finance advice information and focuses in on a recent chat one of our counselors had with a happy GreenPath client. This is a great example of how GreenPath strives to provide great customer service each and every day!

GreenPath Chat Queue – Tuesday, September 9, 2014

(4:03 pm) Shalanda: Thank you for contacting GreenPath, how can I help you?

(4:05 pm) Pamela L.: I just want to tell you I really appreciate your company for the great service, professionalism and courtesy.  I have been through two days of misery trying to get my Reverse Mortgage counseling and if you have somewhere I can post a testimonial I would love to do it.  Ben in Ann Arbor was fabulous!!

(4:06 pm) Shalanda: I am so glad to hear that ma’am! I will get your message to the appropriate person. Your name is Pamela L.?

(4:06 pm) Pamela L.: I told my lender to recommend the daylights out of you guys.  You weren’t just the Bomb.  You were Two Bombs with Stars.

(4:07 pm) Shalanda: We appreciate your feedback more than you know. I’ve worked with Ben in the past, he is an amazing counselor. And you are welcome!

(4:08 pm) Pamela L: Your whole company was awesome from the reception to the completion.  I so enjoy competent professionals…including you.  Have a great evening.

(4:08 pm) Chat has ended (by client)

What a wonderful testimonial! On behalf of our nearly 500 employees across the United States, thank you, Pamela for the great feedback!

If you would like to provide feedback on a GreenPath experience, join us on our Facebook review page.

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