6 tips to keep your ID safe this Cyber Monday

After a strong shopping day on  Black Friday, Cyber Monday is upon us, with early predictions coming in as being the strongest sale day ever.

Whether you braved the crowd last week, or will be surfing online today for that perfect gift, here are a few quick tips from GreenPath Debt Solutions to keep your identity safe and out of the hands of online ID thieves:

  1. Always initiate the transaction yourself. Do not open a store’s website through an email you received. It could be a phishing email looking for credit card information. Physically type in the web address of the outlet. Once there, look around carefully and make sure it is the actual website.
  2. When entering credit card information as part of transaction, make sure the web address starts with a secure extension, shown as https://.
  3. If you shop online in a public location, like at a library, make absolutely sure that you log out when you are finished with a shopping session. Click on the back button to make sure that your information is not still there. Close any stray windows open on the computer screen. If you print a receipt, remember to take it with you.
  4. Shopping at the coffee house? Use their approved, secure wi-fi server. Do not use an unfamiliar, unsecured wi-fi server in public.
  5. Use your credit card wisely when shopping online. The added convenience of shopping from your couch might cause you to drop your guard and spend beyond your budget. Make a budget for your shopping and stick to it.
  6. Put any printed online receipts in a safe place.

For more tips to safe online shopping, log on to GreenPath University. Have a safe holiday shopping season!

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